Forest certification in the forestry is done in accordance with PEFC demands taking into account national system of certification and forest control, as well as interaction with international centres with different systems of forest certification.

Forest certification confirms the correspondence of the forest control and forest use quality, the origin of forest goods and forest industry processing goods to the forest laws, the laws of the protection of the environment of the Republic of Belarus, technical acts on law and standard which determine the use, guarding and protection of forest funds objects of plant and animal kingdoms, particularly protected natural areas, reproduction of forests, timber harvesting and other forest resources, identification of forest goods and forest industry processing goods depending on their origin.

On May 14-18, 2012 auditing of certified forest control and forest use system, of certified forest products and forest industry processing products depending on their origin was done by a group of experts-auditors of the Forest Certification Department of Unitary Enterprise “Belgiproles”.

This audit showed that exercising of forest work in the State Forestry Institution “Ostrovets Forestry” answers to the norms and demands of acts on law and standard of the forestry, wood processing and protection of labour.

2017 saw auditing by a group of specialists presenting SmartWood programme. The aim of certified audit was to evaluate ecological, economic and social state of forest control in the State Forestry Institution “Ostrovets Forestry”.

Finally according to the auditing results the forestry got a certificate for the period of 5 years. The State Forestry Institution “Ostrovets Forestry” is given the unique registration code of forest control certificate/supply chain and for using trade marks. The term of action of the certificate is from April 5, 2017 till April 4, 2022