¤ Round materials from coniferous and foliar kinds of trees

Round materials from coniferous kinds of trees. Round softwood materials. Round hardwood materials . Raw materials from technological wood.

¤ Woodworking goods

Timber endings of coniferous kinds of trees. Softwood cut timber. Profile details from wood and wood materials for building and construction. Cylindrical articles from hungry assortments of softwood.

¤ By-products

Household brooms. Switches of green birch twigs for bath purposes. Birch juice. Bee’s honey.

¤ Planting seeds and saplings for decoration

Planting seeds and saplings for decoration with open-root system. Planting seeds and saplings for decoration with close-root system.

¤ Fire-wood briquettes

Fire-wood briquettes made from sawdust.

Products are selling for export in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus No. 284 on December, 5 2013. Timber could be sold only in exchange trading in open joint-stock company “Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange” (OJSC “BUCE”) through special exporter UE “Bellesexport”. Byers also should be accredited at OJSC “BUCE” in order to participate in export tenders.

All the information is available at chief engineer Ivan Ivanovich Chepukoit, phone +375 1591 78622.