Forest hunting association SFI “Ostrovets Forestry”

The area of hunting lands is 35,300 hectares of which foreste lands – 21,000 hectares, fields – 15,000 hectares, wetlands – about 0.8 thousand hectares.

Chief engineer on hunting ground association – Victor Mechislavovich Urbanovich, phones +375 1591 78624, +375 29 3465719, e-mail:

At hunters and tourists disposal are 2 hunter’s houses and 1 hunter’s hut without modern conveniences, having a Russian bath which are situated in the most picturesque corners of Ostrovets district.

A hunter house is situated Palushi forestry 12 km away from the district centre near the village of Dreveniki in the place of the former old country estate earlier belonging to the Blazhevichi landlords, its territory is 4 hectares. During its reconstruction the architects managed to make it as much resembling its former condition as possible, to preserve even the smallest details. Stone foundation, wall sections, ledovnya, fragments of decoration – everything is preserved and reconstructed in original form.

In accordance with the modern regulations of sanitary and hygiene additional elements of ornamental design are introduced. Thus, there is a lavatory cum bathroom, cold running water from the wooden well and its heating with the help of a boiler. There is also a washing machine which allows to make hunters’ clothes clean rather quickly. On the inside the walls of the house are covered with solid wood and decorated with hunting trophies – wild boars’ heads, elks, stuffed birds and fur-bearing animals. For more comfort dining tables and upholstered furniture are placed in the big sitting-room. The fireplace decorated with gives additional comfort to those having a rest in the house. All the rooms are warmed with tiled stoves. There is a special gun cabinet which allows not to fear for the guns and ammunition safety. A big bathhouse is detached and it is equipped according to the latest standards.

The estate has a ledovnya – a special lodging, there in summer time killed prey and perishables were kept. The walls of the structure are 1 metre wide and are made from boulders. At present the former ledovnya is turned into a large freezer and to it a small room for cutting up game is attached. A few metres away from the estate there is a shooting range situated in a small open pit, where hunters can train in shooting-mark targets “running boar” and “flying saucers”.

DSC_0001Another hunter’s house and a bath house are located on the bank of the Vilia next to the village of Bystritsa which is rich in historical events, here lovers of nature and hunting can gather berries and mushrooms, go in for fishing and hunting.

The hunting ground association has a complex of enclosures with the total area of 206 hectares where they breed red deer, European fallow deer, elks and wild boars. Also the lands of the hunting grounds have additional forage fields, feeding-troughs, shooting towers and ambushes. We guarantee driving hunting and hunting from the towers for wild boars, elks, roes, deer.

Surroundings of Ostrovets are extremely rich in architectural monuments. And very near the estate there is an artificial mound which according to the legends was made by hand by the Napoleon army soldiers. There has been a conjecture recently that the mound is somehow connected with the burial of the famous emperor’s treasure stolen by him from Moscow on his retreat. The tourist route also includes visiting the equestrian centre “Hippika”, the catholic church “Matka Boska Scapular” belonging to Order of Barefoot Carmelites and crowned by the Pope in 2007. We also offer visiting the catholic church of Holy Trinity in the village of Gerviaty built in 1903, on the territory of this catholic church you can see the figures of 12 apostles and grow 2600 decorative trees, bushes and other plants; visiting the ecological path which was made by Spondy school forestry along the Sarachanskiye Lakes; visiting the private museum in the village of Trokeniki which contains the collection of 100 horns of European roe, 250 stuffed birds and 80 stuffed wild animals. In addition to this we offer fishing on the banks of the Vilia, in summer it is possible to gather berries mushrooms.